Aqua One 980T Black Aquarium & Cabinet (240L High Gloss)


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The Aqua One AquaStyle Range of aquariums caters to the beginners through to the advanced fish keeper.

The AquaStyle Range features suitable technology, with a 3 stage top filter and includes a light unit under a hinged hood.
AquaStyle matching Cabinet range, offers a strong and stylish design, and storage space for aquarium equipment. Suitable for: Coldwater & Tropical
1+1 Year Guarantee
Description:AquaStyle 980T
Colour: Gloss Black
Stylish bow front design
Dimensions (W x D x H):98 x 47 x 70 cm
Litres: 240L
Two-way single switch LED lighting technology
Moonlight function with Blue Only option or All Lights (RGB) option.
LED lighting promotes lush plant growth, as well as intensifies the natural colours in your fish.

Filtration: 3 x Carbon Cartridge w/filter wool + 3 x Sponge Pads + Ceramic Noodles;
Flow Rate:1000L/hr
Recommended Cabinet – 98 x 47 x 76 cm
Easy set up and maintenance.

Includes a 3 stage top filter for mechanical, chemical and biological filtration.
Includes filter media.
Convenient hinged hood allows plenty of room for easy access and maintenance