Arcadia Ceramic Reflector Clamp Lamp – Aluminum




Arcadia Ceramic Reflector Clamp Lamp – Aluminum


The Arcadia Reptile Clamp-Lamp range is an easy to use and versatile product designed and built with quality and safety in mind.

Clamp lamps have been used for decades to provide heat and light to captive reptiles, providing the keeper with the freedom to use almost all E27 screw thread lamps.

The Arcadia Reptile Clamp lamp arrives complete with everything you need to get going . The kit includes a robust spring clamp for easy fitting onto the sides of an enclosure and a removable wire safety grill.  It also includes a switch on the powder cable and an easy to use In-viv fitting kit.

The Arcadia Reptile Clamp range fully complies with the very latest CE safety standards. The fittings now include a robust ‘gripping’ clamp plate with secondary ‘Zero fall’ nut and bolt security fixing and an upgraded ceramic lamp holder clamp. These important additions make the Arcadia Reptile Clamp Lamp fitting among the safest design to use in the world.

The Arcadia Reptile Clamp Lamp range can be used with all of Arcadia’s ‘Solar-Basking’ lamps, high quality wide beam Halogen lamps, Deep Heat Projector, Ceramic Heat Emitters, E27 Compact UV-B lamps and D3 basking lamps


  • Upgraded Spring and bolt fastening clamp
  • Heavy gauge, highly reflective aluminum dome
  • Heat resistant ceramic fitting


  • Lamp holder clamp
  • Multi-directional clamp with rubber grip pads
  • Detachable protective mesh cover
  • Vivarium fixing bracket
  • In-line on/off switch
  • Available in two sizes: 140mm/max 150W OR 200mm/max 250W

If you like sleek modern design and reptile keeping, then ClampLamp is the perfect choice.