Arcadia Solar Basking Heat Infrared Lamp





Arcadia Solar Basking Heat Infrared Lamps have been specifically chosen by Arcadia due to its potency.

  • Ideal for heating a vivarium during the day and evening
  • Can be used with the SBF and SBS intensive heat spots
  • A great source of heat for Ectothermic species
  • Can be used with a thermostatic control system
  • Low visible light, high heat
  • Emits no UV-B or UV-A, just Infrared

We all know that reptiles are cold blooded (Exothermic) and rely upon an external source of heat for their energy. This is why when housing your reptile it is done correctly to ensure they have enough heat but not too much. The correct heat source then gives the reptile the right energy to hunt and feed.

Maintaining the right heat is also important to ensure good digestion and organ function.

The lights are designed to heat the vivarium extremely well to make sure you supply the right amount of heat to your animal. Arcadia recommend that you use a thick natural stone like slate under the heat source so that it will store the heat during the day and then release back during the evening.

The Solar Basking Infrared Heat Lamps are available in 100w and 150w. (50w & 75w can be ordered in, upon request)