Ecopond Barley Bio Algae Control (New) 1L




Why has a new product been introduced in addition to Extract of Barley Straw?

We want to be able to offer customers options. Long term use of Extract of Barley Straw, or any other algae control product, can lead to reduced efficacy and using another product for a while can be helpful.

What is it? A microbial product which works by starving the algae and changing the water chemistry to inhibit algae growth.

How is it made? The micro-organisms which will control the algae are cultivated on a barley straw substrate.

Why is it barley based? All micro-organisms are grown on something, often bran (maize). We use barley straw as it provides the best substrate for growth of these algae controlling microorganisms.

Is it different to other microbial products on the market?
● Yes, because the micro-organisms are selected specifically for the suppression of algae growth.
● Also some fast-acting products will contain a small amount of chemical to give an instant visual effect. Barley Bio does not contain any such chemicals.
● It is a liquid product (all others are powders or granules) which does not produce any residue or lead to clouding of the water and does not require mixing before use.

Why is it a liquid rather than a powder or dissolvable sachet?
Most commercially available non-liquid microbial products are formulated from readily available cultures which are predominantly based on bacillus spores and therefore not specific to algae control.

How is it different to other Ecopond microbial products – Duckweed Control and Mud Muncher?
Ecopond specifically selects the most appropriate micro-organisms for each individual product to give greatest degree of efficacy. Products which promise to treat all problems contain a smaller amount of a wider range of micro-organisms.

How is it dosed? Quantity, method and frequency.
An initial booster dose is followed by smaller doses on a weekly basis throughout spring and summer.