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For guppy and other species of small aquarium fish. * Nutritionally geared to herbivorous livebearing fish. * Low in phosphates and rich in minerals. * Phosphate content exactly balanced for reduced algae growth and optimum fish growth. * With natural Vitamin E as antioxidant. With stabilised Vitamin C. * 52 raw materials in 7 types of flakes. With natural Vitamin E and stabilised Vitamin C JBL NovoBea meets the specific feeding requirements of small aquarium fish such as guppies, tetra and barbels with a balanced mixture of ingredients: fish and fish by-products, vegetables, cereals, yeasts, vegetable by-products, algae, eggs and egg products as well as crustacea. The particularly nutritious and easily-digested small flakes are designed to float or sink in such a way that they ideally suit the feeding habits of all types of fish of the middle and upper water levels. Stabilised vitamin C and other vital vitamins as well as the bioelement Inosite guarantee healthy growth and increase resistance to disease. The feed can be given several times a day, in small portions which can be consumed within a few minutes. Staple food; coloured with E-additives. With antioxidant E306 (natural vitamin E extracts. Crude protein 45.2% Crude fat 5% Crude fibre 1.5% Crude ash 9.7% Vitamin content per 1000 g Vitamin A 25.000 i. E. Vitamin D3 2.000 i. E. Vitamin E 330 mg Vitamin C (stab) 400 mg Inosite 750 mg