JBL NovoTom Artemia


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JBL NovoTom Artemia powder food for young fish, containing artemia (brine shrimp)

* Food size optimally suited for newborn fry of livebearing fish.

* Nutritionally balanced to promote healthy growth.

* Special finely-ground ingredients.

* New: Now containing brine shrimp for better growth and more beautiful colours.

* With natural Vitamin E as antioxidant.

This food is an extremely finely ground powder food for young fish the size of a newborn guppy.

It contains a well-balanced mixture of ingredients, such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates, specially adapted to the feeding habits of young growing fish.

Vital vitamins and the biological element, inosite, guarantee healthy growth and strengthen resistance.
Recommendation for feeding: Scatter a pinch of food (adjust the amount to suit the number and size of the fish) on the surface of the water 3 to 4 times a day.

Staple feed, contains EC colour additives; with E306 antioxidant.

Crude protein 29.5%
Crude fat 4%
Crude fibre 5%
Crude ash 10.5%

60G (100ML)