Mitras LX6200 Black Lights


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Mitras LX 6100-HV, Black SKU: 9 channels: Royal blue, blue, cool white, neutral white, 1 green, yellow, red, hyper-red, hyper-violet • Description • Specifications High-power LED pendant lamp by GHL for freshwater and open aquariums. It may not be used in enclosed aquariums below the canopy! 66 (72 with HV-option) high-power-LEDs (Cree and Osram) generate an excellent light performance. Adjustable 8 channel light spectrum (approx. 3000 steps each) and light power exactly according to your wishes. Give your corals, fishes or plants the light they need to live. Very fine dimming steps through True Dimming Technology (TM by Linear Technology). You can operate the lamps as independent devices or controlled by other GHL lamps (as Master- and Slave Mode) or by the aquarium controller ProfiLux. Via the built-in 2,4 GHz radio unit, several lamps can communicate with each other or with a ProfiLux (extension card PLM-PWC necessary). The settings (e.g. light spectra, colour mixture, dimming points) can be made comfortably with a PC or via the operating unit. This enables the lamps to synchronize during special effects (like thunderstorms or clouds). The graphical display gives you an overview about the actual operating conditions. With the background illuminated keypad you can easily change settings or start special effects, like thunderstorms. Mitras can be connected via USB or 2,4 GHz-radio with a PC. With sunrise and sun set, cloud simulation, thunderstorm simulation, moon phases and rainy days. All specifications are relating to average parameters and can vary due to component tolerances and ambient conditions. Features • High-Power LEDs With 66 or 72 High-Power LEDs in 8 respectively 9 colors. All LED channels are separately dimmable in over 3000 steps each (True Dimming Technology). LEDs from Osram, Cree and SemiLEDs of the newest generation. LED-lifetime of at least 60.000 h. • Energy-efficiency illumination More LEDs at reduced power, thus high LED-lifetime. You can choose between two operation modes: High Output Mode und High Efficiency Mode. • Manifold features Adjust the light spectrum according to your wishes and use the variety of special effect options: sun rise (with several lamps “East-to-west-simulation”), cloud simulation (also “gliding” over several lamps), thunderstorm simulation, moon phases and rainy days. • Easy handling Mitras can be connected with PC, the connection is via USB (free software available). With the buttons on the unit it is easy to make adjustments or start special effects. • Modular system Mitras LX includes an integrated controller and can be used with or without ProfiLux controller. Several Mitras can be switched in series and communicate via radio. All 6 LED-clusters can be separately replaced. • Extremely quiet and optimal cooling Extremely quiet fans and a innovative heatsink design ensure a safe operation and high light output with maximum energy efficiency. • High performance reflectors Special laminated High performance reflectors (of MC-PET) ensure the color diffusion, the homogeneous light distribution and carry the light also in the depth of your tank Color – Black Dimensions: 40 x 180 x 340 mm