Reptile One Heat Lamp Cage



The Reptile One Heat Lamp Cage is an essential product to guard and protect Reptiles/Amphibians from coming into direct contact with heat lamps.

The Heat Lamp Cage is designed to surround the heat source to prevents animals from being burnt.

Features and Benefits:
* Prevents reptiles from coming in contact with heat lamp element
* 6mm expanded mesh for extra strength whilst making it suitable for use with juvenile reptiles
* Suitable for use with compact UVB Lamp
* Compatible with multi-use cable dial fittings in all Reptile One Vivariums and Terrariums
* Easy installation with new generation Reptile One Vivariums & Terrariums
* Suitable for all non Reptile One Vivariums and Terrariums, slight modifications would be required

This is for cage wire fitting only, does not include lamp or lamp fitting.