Glenbogal Aquatic Fertilizer Tablets (12 tablets)


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Traditional methods of direct to the root fertiliser for demand feeders like Iris, Lotus, Tropical and Hardy water lilies have many options. When investigating products Glenbogal settled on an aquatic tablet fertiliser specifically blended for pond plants. These tablets are manufactured by a company dedicated to producing fertilisers for water grown plants. When used as directed the fertiliser will stimulate vigorous growth, budding and flowering, disease resistance and are not toxic to aquatic animals including fish.

Glenbogal Aquatic has trialed these tablets over the last couple of years, and were so happy with the product they put their brand on them.

Tablet fertilisers require a soil base to release nutrients into. Tablet fertilisers should not be introduced directly into your pond. Adding directly to the pond water may cause nutrient unbalance and algae, with possible ill health to pond life.

Regular or maintenance feeding:
These pond tablets are formulated to quick feed your aquatic plants with all the required micro-nutrients for growth and flowering.

The quick release formula offers and easy and effective way to fertilise for 2 – 3 weeks N-P-K (10-14-8) with micronutrients

As with all fertiliser plant food products, it is best to use the product at the suggested application rates, however, it is your responsibility to fine tune the proper feeding amounts to obtain the best plant performance.

12 packet – each tablet feeds 2-3weeks