HabiStat Dimming Thermostat



The sophisticated Habistat Dimming Thermostat is designed specifically for controlling light bulbs in Reptile habitats.

The Dimming thermostat is one of the most accurate methods of temperature control and whilst it is perfect for controlling light bulbs, it can be used on almost any heaters.

These dimming thermostats do require a minimum load of 40 watts, but have a maximum capacity of 600 watts.

This is the only thermostat we recommend for use with incandescent light (Basking) bulbs. It uses the latest technology and operates in a manner similar to the Pulse proportional thermostat.

Instead of pulses of power being supplied to the heater, it is supplied with a continuous variable supply of power or voltage. In principle this has a similar effect to light dimmers or rheostats in your home.

  • Use with basking bulbs
  • Heat emitters

Complete with NZ plugs to allow easy installation into your terrarium.

Temperature dial in Celsius and Fahrenheit calibrated between 16-34C or 61-93F

Max load up to 600w.

Colour: Black