Nutrafin Bug Bites for small to medium tropicals


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Nutrafin BUG BITES are specifically formulated to address the natural, insect-based feeding habits of fish, providing essential nutrients vital to their growth and development.

For Tetras, Rasboras and Danios.
Nutrafin Bug Bites Tropical – Small-Medium – 0.7-1.0 mm – Granules for Tetras/ Rasboras/ Danios
Naturally palatable!
Sustainable Development!

Why Bugs?
Insects have long been preyed upon in the wild as they offer fish a high-protein, nutrient-rich diet that is easily digested and readily available. The black soldier fly is widely hunted particularly for its great nutritional content and palatability, which is why its the #1 ingredient in all Bug Bites™ formulas.

Quality ingredients:
Bug Bites™ also include a high quality salmon protein, which is rich in Omega-3 and 6 for healthy skin, scales, fins and a more colorful appearance. Essential amino acids and minerals are mixed into every formula to ensure your fish enjoy a completely balanced diet.