PINPOINT® pH Controller


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PINPOINT® pH Controller is an inexpensive yet rugged controller, which includes the appropriate probe and calibration fluids. This device will automate another electrical device such as a calcium reactor or magnetic solenoid for the addition of CO2 into an aquaculture or process system, and will control pH in both a downward and upward direction. The user will select his or her own setpoint and any range of acceptable pH around this setpoint.

The PINPOINT® pH Controller is perfect for the freshwater planted aquarium keeper as well as the serious saltwater hobbyist. 220 VAC. Excellent for Calcium Reactor Setups

Additional calibration fluid & Replacement pH probes available

PINPOINT® digital display controllers offer the most in value, performance and reliability.

Every PINPOINT® controller comes with a 2-year guarantee.

These are true laboratory grade instruments with dedicated, replaceable probes. With proper care, the controllers should last a lifetime.