Pond One ClearTec UV-C 9 Watt


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ClearTec ultra violet clarifiers are used in ponds to eliminate water born floating algae which turn the pond water green and starve it of oxygen.
Algae as well as plants compete with the fish for oxygen available within the pond at night. This oxygen is only produced during the “daytime” cycle of the photosynthesis.
+ Ultra violet clarifier destroys green algae
+ Robust construction for long life
+ Remote ballast with 10m cable for ease of installation
+ Multiple hose connections
+ Can be mounted on a wall or on the filter box
+ Outlet can be rotated to adjust to local set up requirements
+ 3 year guarantee

Length 35.5cm
Diameter 8.1cm 9W
Fittings in and out – 13-32mm
Max flow – litres per hour 3000 l/hr

6000L with Ornamental pond with plants and few fish and less than average exposure to sun – no more than 6 hours a day full sunlight exposure.
OR 4500L with Typical pond with plants and average fish contents and average sun exposure.
OR 3000L Heavily stocked pond with plants and larger fish or greater than average sun exposure.