Reptapets Repta Probe Thermostat


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Reptapets Repta Probe Thermostat

Dragons require a basking spot in their terrarium which will provide a temperature of 35C – 40C. This is to be setup down one end of your enclosure. This way your Dragon can thermo-regulate. Thermo-regulation is what all Reptiles do. As they are cold blooded they must heat themselves up (outside this is achieved in the warmth of the sun) so they can be active enough to feed, digest food and go about their daily activities. Once up to temperature they can move about their enclosure. As they cool down they must return to their basking spot to heat up again.

If their entire enclosure was 40C they would have no where to cool down and would over heat and eventually die.

To regulate an ideal temperature use a Repta Probe Thermostat. Repta Probe Thermostat with Stainless Probe. 2000 Watts with a heating range from 0 – 40C. Repta

Probe are especially suitable for Glass Terrariums where it’s difficult to mount a fixed thermostat. Very simple to use and is ideal for Ceramic Heat Emitters. You can use thermostats with filament bulbs, but it can shorten the life of the bulb with it being turned on and off, and also disrupt basking with the light being turned on and off, so I wouldn’t recommend using a Thermostat with filament bulbs (basking & infra-red)

(Please note: Never use thermostats of any type with Mercury Vapour Lamps.)