ClariTec Pressurised Filter 5,000 UVC



ClariTec 5000 Pressurised Filter With 9w UVC

Features & Benefits: Solid construction
– Deep cleaning power
– Greater filter volume
– Includes filter media
– Supplied with all hose connectors
– Remote UV-C ballast unit
– 2 + 1 Year Guarantee

Recommended Pond Sizes for ClariTec Filter:
* Ornamental pond with plants and few fish and less than average exposure to sun – no more than 6 hours a day full sunlight
exposure : 5000L
* Typical pond with plants and average fish contents and average sun exposure : 2500L
* Heavily stocked pond with plants and larger fish or greater than average sun exposure : 1200L

Max Flow Rate: 5000 L/Hr
Fitting in/out: 3/4″ / 1.5″, 19-37mm
UVC Power: 9W
Capacity: 21.5L
Filter Height: 46cm
Filter Diameter: 39cm
UVC Cable Length: 10m
Suggested Pump Size*: StingRay 6000